Sunday, February 18, 2018

I Love You My God

                                I Love You My God Playlist

     I love You my God, creator of all the universe. King of Kings and protector of all life in the worlds, known and unknown. I praise You and honor You  and thank You for Your grace and mercey. Please continue to bless me, guide me and give me wisdow so I can make better decisions about life choices.

     Help me to see and understand and obey your will for my life, I am  yours and I want to do your will. Help me to be a lamp post giving light and a place to lean along life's way. Guide my words to be of help and peace in the soul.

     Please forgive my lustful and sinful mind. Help me to think clean thoughts and help me to do the right things.
Teach me the power and wonder of love, the God force the glue of life.

                                                I love You my God amen                                             

Monday, September 25, 2017

Richard Smallwood

Composer, pianist and arranger, Richard Smallwood has clearly and solidly changed the face of gospel music. He has impeccably blended classical movements with traditional gospel, and arrive at a mix that is invariably Smallwood’s alone. A diverse and innovative artist, Richard Smallwood has achieved many honors; Dove Awards and a Grammy also attest to his talents.

Richard Smallwood was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 30, 1948. After graduating from Howard University (his classmates included Donny Hathaway, Debbie Allen, and Phylicia Rashad), where he earned degrees in vocal performance and piano, Smallwood taught music at the University of Maryland and eventually formed the Richard Smallwood Singers, putting out an eponymous debut album in 1982 that spent an impressive 87 weeks on Billboard's gospel chart. The group enjoyed success into the early '90s, releasing a bevy of hit records before Smallwood put the project to rest and began releasing albums with his choir, Vision, who made their debut in 1996 with the Verity-issued Adoration: Live in Atlanta. In addition to his work with the Richard Smallwood Singers and Vision, Smallwood has had his songs recorded by the likes of Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, Kelly Price, Gerald Levert, and Aretha Franklin.

Richard Smallwood has been honored by the Smithsonian Institution as a “gospel innovator and songwriter,” and his hometown, Washington, D.C. heralded two separate occasions as “Richard Smallwood Day,” also, distinguishing him with the Mayoral Art Award for “precision and excellence in artistic discipline.” Smallwood’s gift has made room for him to minister to presidents and dignitaries at all of D.C.’s halls of fame, including the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center and the White House. Touching all areas of the arts, Richard and his singers toured with a theatrical musical, “Sing Mahalia Sing” starring Jennifer Holiday, which segued into a guest appearance on television’s “Ryan’s Hope” for ABC.

         Richard Smallwood - Adoration: Live In Atlanta Original May 21, 1996

         Richard Smallwood with Vision - To God - Live In Detroit

         Richard Smallwood - Behind The Scenes of Promises

         Richard Smallwood - Psalm 118 [His Mercy Endureth Forever]

         Angela Winbush/Richard Smallwood - I Won't Be Troubled

Angela Winbush and Richard Smallwood, along with the Union Temple Baptist Church Reunion Choir, minister with "I Won't Be Troubled."This song was originally written for Ms. Winbush back in the 70s, but was recorded on Smallwood's "Testimony" album in 1992.

Richard Smallwood was the original keyboardist and director for this choir back in the 60s and 70s. Union Temple Baptist Church was founded by Richard's step-father, the late Rev. Chester Smallwood.

        Richard Smallwood - It Is Well/Come, Ye Disconsolate

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Story of Gospel Music: The Power In The Voice (1998)


The Story of Gospel Music provides a thorough overview of the history and performers of gospel vintage recordings. Viewers feast their eyes and ears on some of the most soulful concert footage ever recorded. The biggest names in spiritual music, including Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Reverend Thomas Dorsey, and The Fisk Jubilee Singers perform. The program was originally broadcast on PBS's Great Performances series. ~ Betsy Boyd, Rovi

Performers: Tramaine Hawkins, Robert and Lillie Mae Butler, The Fisk University Jubilee Singers, The ARC Choir, Cissy Houston, Rance Allen, Thomas A. Dorsey, Mahalia Jackson, The Fairfield Four, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Aretha Franklin, The Clara Ward Singers, Shirley Caesar, The Dixie Hummingbirds, James Cleveland, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, The Clark Sisters, John P. Kee, Danny Eason and Abundant Life.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Thank you God for your Love

      Thank you God for your Love you have been with me always, your grace has protected me, your grace has comforted me in hard times. I have not been the kind of person you taught me to be. I have sinned repeatedly and yet I know you love me. I have lost faith and turned my back to you oh God and still you loved me. I know you are the creator of all things and still you love me. I praise you and thank you God for your love.

                  Thank you God for your Love Playlist

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Living, He Loved Me (One Day)/Send It On Down/Power, Lord/Yes,Lord (VHS)...

Donnie McClurkin Living, He Loved Me (One Day)/Send It On Down/Power, Lord/Yes,Lord medley.

Carlton Pearson Live At AZUSA 2,Precious Memories: Original Release Date: February 11, 1997.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Jeff Majors

                Jeff Majors - Playlist

Official Biography (courtesy of Jeff Majors)

As a native of Washington, D.C., music flowed throughout the household of JeffMajors courtesy of his mother Annie P. Fitzgerald - a talented jazz trumpeter in her own right with a circle of friends which included legendary actress and singer Pearl Bailey.

At age 15, JeffMajors had a dream in which he saw himself strumming the harp; an instrument he had never played before. Inspired, he used the dream to fuel his passion for music and literally change the course of his life. With the harp hand-made for him by a local music store owner, he began to pursue mastery of the instrument.

He spent the next several years in Los Angeles studying under the wings of jazz pianist and harpist Alice Coltrane, wife of jazz legend John Coltrane. He later teamed up with legendary jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby. He returned to the Washington D.C. area, where he formed several jazz bands and became a radio personality at Radio One. This led to the opportunity to host "Sunday Joy," the semi syndicated inspirational and gospel on-air ministry that can be heard on Magic 95.9 and 102.3 in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area.  From there he evolved into the vice presidency of gospel music programming for the Radio One network of stations.

Hailed as an inspirational jazz / gospel producer and renowned harp master JeffMajors has touched the hearts of millions through his television program, TV One's "Gospel of Music with JeffMajors," along with his faith-affirming, soul-stirring Sacred series and  outreach initiatives that include his annual nationwide free concert tour "JeffMajors Blankets for the Homeless," and most recently "Hiphop for the Homeless." During which there are performances and provision of clothing, blankets and other items necessary for surviving life on the streets.

After being welcomed to perform on her talk show, media mogul Oprah Winfrey stated that the music of JeffMajors, "...energizes my faith and transports my spirit. For me, it is the best way to start my day." And when he was hand-picked by the Martin Luther King Family to perform at Coretta Scott King's memorial service, JeffMajors demonstrated that his music could console a nation.

Today, he appears in more than 40 million homes through "The Gospel of Music with JeffMajors," the flagship program on TV One. The hit show provides a venue for diverse well-known and emerging talent, and has showcased some of the biggest names in the industry, including James Ingram, Mavis Staples, Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams and Gerald Levert in his last television appearance.

The upcoming project will be the JeffMajors Sacred series of the "Epistles," which will include for the first time ever a DVD of some of the most memorable performances of JeffMajors on the Harp. Thanks to the popular success of the series, the release is eagerly anticipated within the industry of inspirational/Jazz music and by fans alike. It is projected to meet the expectations set by his acclaimed Sacred 2000, of which Billboard said: "One listen will make believers out of even stone-cold cynics."

JeffMajors is also focusing on his humanitarian efforts as an activist for the nation's homeless through his non-profit organization "The Network of Doves."  This includes a continuation of his annual "JeffMajors Blankets for the Homeless" and the newly established initiative "Hiphop for the Homeless," where he has collaborated with some of today's emerging artist and youth in the inner cities to bring awareness of and help to the homeless communities around the country.

In a career marked by industry achievement, JeffMajors says that the dream of that 15-year-old boy strumming the harp is still unfolding.

"Every time I step on stage I step into a sacred place," JeffMajors says. "And the dream continues."

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Soweto Gospel Choir

             Soweto Gospel Choir

Soweto Gospel Choir was formed in November, 2002, and has achieved incredible success both in South Africa and around the world, having been hailed as a “South African music phenomenon”

                Soweto Gospel Choir Playlist

The choir’s first album “Voices from Heaven” went on to reach the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s World Music Chart within three weeks of its release in the US. Since then, they have recorded five albums and won two Grammy Awards in the World Music category, an Emmy Award for their collaboration with U2 for ESPN’s television promotion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, received four SAMAs and a Metro FM award. In 2010, the choir’s recording with Peter Gabriel was nominated for an Oscar, and that same year, they were the first South African artist to have performed at the Academy Awards.

In 2003 the choir won its first award, a Helpmann Award, Australia’s prestigious Performing Arts Award, for “Best Contemporary Music Concert”.
This success was followed when they won a 2003 American Gospel Music Award for “Best Choir”
In the same year, they won an American Gospel Music Award for “Best International Choir”.
In December 2006 they performed at Sun City, South Africa, for Oprah Winfrey and 200 of her V.I.P. guests, including Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Tina Turner, Patti Labelle, Sydney Poitier and Quincy Jones.

On 11 February 2007, Soweto Gospel Choir received its greatest accolade, a Grammy Award for their second CD “Blessed”, in the category “Best Traditional World Music”.
At the same time, they were nominated for the 26th International Reggae and World Music Awards, held at the Apollo Theatre, Harlem, on 5 May, in the category “Contribution to World Music”, alongside Jimmy Cliff, Salif Keita, Youssou N’Dour and Ziggy Marley.
In May 2007, the choir won a SAMA Award (South African Music Association Award) in the Category “Best Live Performance DVD”.

In February 2008, the choir was awarded a second Grammy Award for their third album “African Spirit”, in the “Best Traditional World Music” category

Soweto Gospel Choir received its third Grammy nomination in December 2008, this time in the category Best Contemporary World Music, for their album, “Live at the Nelson Mandela Theatre”.
The song “Down To Earth” from the blockbuster Wall-E movie, their collaboration with Peter Gabriel, won a Grammy in the Best Movie Song category.
In February 2009, the choir became the first South African artist to perform at the Academy Awards, when they sang “Down To Earth”, the Gabriel/Newman Oscar-nominated song, with John Legend.

In December 2010, Soweto Gospel Choir received its fourth Grammy nomination, in the Best Traditional World Music category, for its album “Grace”. The choir was featured alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the song “Baba Yetu” and on the album “Calling All Dawns”, both of which won Grammys in February 2011.

The choir has toured the world extensively, performing at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, London’s Royal Festival Hall, as well as at Johannesburg’s Nelson Mandela Theatre. They have performed and collaborated with world-renowned artists such as Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Jon Legend, U2, Aretha Franklin and the Harlem Gospel Choir as well as with local favourites Vusi Mahlasela, Johnny Clegg, the Bala Brothers and Lira.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Life is about the love of God

               Life is about the love of God playlist

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kirk Franklin - Revolution

          Kirk Franklin - Revolution

The Book of Revelations
Chapter 7:Verses 16 and 17
They shall hunger no more,
neither shall they thirst anymore (preach preacher!)
And God shall wipe away
every tear from the eye
Get ready
for the revolution

Do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop!
I said, Do you want a Revolution?
Whoop Whoop
Do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop
Come on, do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop!

Sick and tired of my brothers, killin' each other,
Sick and tired of Daddys leavin' babies with their mothers,
For every man who wants to lay around and play around,
It's important you be man enough to stay around
Sick and tired of the Church, talkin' religion
But then they talk about each other, make a decision
No more racisim, two face-ism
No pollution
the solution
a revolution

Do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop!
I said, Do you want a Revolution?
Whoop Whoop
Do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop
Come on, do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop!

No crime, No dying
Politians lying, Everybody's trying
to make at dollar, it makes me want to holler
The way I do my life, the way they do my life
There's gonna be a brighter day
All your troubles will pass away
A revolution's comin', yes its comin' comin' brother
A revolution's comin', yes it's comin'
A revolution's comin' comin'

Do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop!
I said, Do you want a Revolution?
Whoop Whoop
Do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop
Come on, do you want a revolution?
Whoop Whoop!

What you feelin', what you want, son?
Who you callin' to, son?
You know Jesus is the truth, son?
The second in the Trinity
Yeah I know you feelin' him
500 days left, until the new millennium
You hearin' him, the trumpet sounds
Christ, the last, the first, the first, the last, it won't pass
so don't be caught slippin', don't be trippin' brother
'cause when I see him, I'm givin it, come on

Even when we go they say we move too much,
we do too much,
if you step against us,
then you lose too much
ain't no stoppin' what we doin' when the spirit is movin'
don't be hatin' what we doin'
I'm the vessel he's usin'
everywhere I be they try to judge me,
they try to shake me
they try to budge me
but they can't break me 'cause I'm down with Christ
DarkChild and Nu Nation make ya feel alright

Where my east coast saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my west coast saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Detroit saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Dallas saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Chi Town saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my A-T-L saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Jersey saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where all my towns saints at? Whoop Whoop!

Put your hands up! Oh, they got their hands up! (4x)

Where my DC saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Nashville saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Newsville saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Philly saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Denver saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Charlotte saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Tampa saints at? Whoop Whoop!
Where my Fort Worth saints at? Whoop Whoop!

Where all my saints at, (put your hands up)

Put your hands up! Oh, they got their hands up! (4x)

Chorus until end


Monday, November 7, 2016


                     The Story of Yolanda Adams

                  YOLANDA ADAMS Blessed - playlist

Yolanda Adams was a school teacher in Houston during the mid-'80s and occasionally did modeling work. Her mother had studied music while at college, so Adams grew up listening to jazz and classical music as well as gospel artists such as James Cleveland and the Edwin Hawkins Singers .

Yolanda Yvette Adams was born August 27, 1961 The oldest of six siblings, Adams was born in Houston, Texas. She graduated from Sterling High School in Houston in 1979. After graduating from Texas Southern University, she began a career as a schoolteacher and part-time model in Houston.

Adams first attracted the attention of Thomas Whitfield and Sound of Gospel Records as a lead singer with Houston's Southeast Inspirational Choir affiliated with the Church of God in Christ, under the direction of Carl Preacher, Brenda Waters, and Shirley Joiner. The choir released the single in 1982 "For My Liberty" with Adams as the featured vocalist. In 1986, Adams was featured on the Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar Choir released Give Us Peace, with a performance entitled "My Trust Lies In You". Later, she signed a recording contract with Sound of Gospel which yielded her first album Just As I Am in 1987.  In 1990, she was discovered by producer/keyboardist Ben Tankard, and signed to his independent label Tribute Records and released Through The Storm. Tankard's goal with Tribute Records during this time was to develop an audience for a smoother gospel/jazz sound. He featured Yolanda's jazzy vocals on his album and concept video single "You Bring Out The Best In Me" on his 1994 release Play Me In
Your Key. The collaboration received positive response from gospel, jazz and "quiet storm" formats. Though she was initially criticized in the Christian community for embracing secular music and fashion to accompany her gospel-themed music, the growth of publicly popular gospel in the mid-'90s pushed her into the spotlight.

One year later, Adams followed with Save the World, which included her first signature song "The Battle Is The Lord's". Her next release was 1995's More Than a Melody, which featured more production work from Tankard with contributions from O'Landa Draper, and BeBe Winans. The single "Gotta Have Love," from that album featuring Tony Terry on background vocals, gained mainstream notoriety and was her first single and music video. Yolanda... Live In Washington, released the following year, featured versions of material from her first three albums. The footage from this recording was released as a collection of two videos on VHS initially, and later as a single set on DVD and CD. During this time Tribute Records' parent company Diadem Music Group merged with Benson Music Group, which was eventually bought by New York-based Zomba/Verity Records.

Songs from the Heart was her final release for Verity Records, including "Only Believe", which was popular songs on contemporary radio. The album also included "Still I Rise," a dedication to Rosa Parks, which was inspired by the Maya Angelou poem of the same name.

Adams toured with Kirk Franklin & the Family, and her 1996 album Yolanda Live in Washington was nominated for a Grammy. Songs From the Heart followed in 1998, and a year later she returned with Mountain High Valley Low which topped her live album by winning a Grammy. In 2000 she ventured into new territory by issuing a Christmas album, A Yolanda Adams Christmas. Experience followed a year later.

2001 she released a live album (The Experience). The Experience netted Adams a second Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. Believe, which included the hit "Never Give Up" was released in 2001 and reached gold status according to the RIAA. She would later go on to perform this song at "The Salute to Gospel Music" at the White House during President George W. Bush's administration. In 2001, Adams also released a compilation CD entitled The Divas of Gospel; it included the legendary Grammy Award winner Albertina Walker, who is considered the "queen of gospel music".

Adams recorded a song for the 2003 film Honey entitled "I Believe", which played during the last scene in the final dance.

Adams was also a judge for the 2nd annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists' careers.  She is also credited as the Queen of Contemporary Gospel Music.

                 YOLANDA ADAMS

                   Yolanda Adams - The Experience

Monday, October 24, 2016

Be Blessed Paul Morton

Be Blessed my brother,
Be blessed my sister,
be blessed wherever this life leads you,
let me encourage you,
let me speak life to you,
You can depend on God to see you through,
You can depend on me to pray for you

-You might be hurting,
you might be crying,
you might be worrying and frustrated to,
let me encourage you let me speak life to you
you can can depend on God to see you through,
you can depend on me to pray for you

-Pray im gonna keep on prayin,
Pray im gonna keep on prayin for you,
Pray im gonna keep on prayin,
Pray im gonna keep on prayin for you
you can depend on God to see you thru,
you can depend on me to pray for you

I see you in the future.
and you look better,
I see you walking in favor and prosperity too,
let me encourage you,
let me speak life to you,
you can depend on God to see you through,
you can depend on me to pray for you

-I pray for you,
you pray for me,
and watch God change things,
Repeat 1x

-I pray for you,
you pray for me and watch God change things
Repeat 6x

Pray For Me

                      Pray For Me Playlist

 The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, 

The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


        TO LOVE GOD playlist

       The Lord the Shepherd of His People
   A Psalm of David.

23 Psalm
   The Lord is my shepherd;
   I shall not want.
2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
   He leads me beside the still waters.
3 He restores my soul;
   He leads me in the paths of righteousness
   For His name’s sake.
4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
   I will fear no evil;
   For You are with me;
   Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
   You anoint my head with oil;
   My cup runs over.
6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
   All the days of my life;
   And I will dwell[a] in the house of the Lord

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Lost Concert

             The Winans,  Commission,  Vanessa Bell Armstrong,

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Most Famous Gospel Concert Video Ever!

Shirley Caesar, James Cleveland, The Clark Sisters, Mighty Clouds Of Joy, Edwin and Walter Hawkins,

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ron Kenoly

       Ron Kenoly Majesty FULL concert

Ron Kenoly was born in Coffeyville, Kansas, in 1944, into a family where he knew both joy and heartache. "I've been singing as long as I can remember, and I think I turned to that for comfort from some of the pain of not having a father," says Ron. "My mother has told me that I used to sing myself to sleep when I was a toddler. I'd sing my own lullabies."

Raised in church, Ron began singing in children's choir and eventually accepted the Lord in late childhood. "I accepted Jesus as Savior at an early age," says Ron, "but it wasn't until years later that I made Him Lord of my life, and there's a big difference between the two.

After high school, Ron did a three-year stretch in the Air Force from 1965 to '68. It was while in the service that Ron met and married his wife, Tavita, and where he joined his first real band, called the Mellow Fellows. The group toured military installations, performing the Top 40 hits of the day, though his career decision had been set years before.

n only a short time after leaving the Air Force, Ron relocated his young family to Los Angeles where he planned to seek his fortune in the music business. He soon became a sought-after nightclub performer, and with nine singles released on four major labels, he was on his way up the music business ladder and closing in on the "big break" that eludes so many aspiring artists.

As his career took off, Ron's family life began to suffer. Separated several times and on the edge of divorce, Ron admits that he had made his career his god, and left his wife and three children on the periphery of his life.

"My wife rededicated her life to the Lord in 1975 and began praying for the healing of our family," says Ron. "I began to realize the goodness of God because I could see the changes He was making in her life, and I could see that while I never lost respect for God, I had never had a strong spiritual life. That's when the lights began to come on for me, because I was beginning to see all the things about Jesus that before I had only heard. I wanted the joy that she had found."

on recommitted his life to Christ that same year, remaining in Los Angeles and secular music for another year-and-a-half to fulfill lingering contractual commitments. When he left LA, he relocated with his family to Oakland, California, and completed a degree in music at Alameda College.

"From 1976 to '78, while I was in school, I just surrendered my life to the Lord, allowing Him to do some character building in me," says Ron. "I had to learn to be a husband and a father, and I had to learn how to relate to God as a Father. I still sang, but only every Sunday in the bass section of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church."

Ron taught music and physical education at Alameda from 1978 through 1982, and though he found a sense of peace in turning his life over to the Lord and His will, the fire to sing still burned within him.

In 1978, Ron decided his next logical move would be to land a Christian record deal, but after four years of almost total unresponsiveness from the Christian industry, Ron became disheartened.

Ron's despondency was heightened by the fact that throughout that time, secular labels continued to call him, expressing interest in rekindling old relationships. By 1982, it seemed to Ron as if the world wanted him, but Christianity was somehow not interested.

One evening in the summer of '82, Ron sat alone in his church for hours, playing, singing, praying, worshipping, and laying his burdens before the Lord.

"From that night on, the record companies ceased to matter," says Ron. "The Lord had met me and shown me so much, that I felt I had gone beyond what any company could offer me. Acceptance and rejection didn't matter anymore because all I knew was that I had been with God."

Ron left the church that night with nothing but a desire to worship and praise God, and to lead others in doing the same. Soon, word of Ron's musical talents began to spread around the Oakland area, and he found himself invited to lead praise and worship at numerous churches.

"I didn't even think of myself as a praise and worship leader," Ron says. "All I knew was I would go and sing my songs, and something special would happen."

Leading worship for high profile pastors like Lester Sumrall and Jack Hayford brought Ron to the attention of evangelist Mario Marillo who commissioned Ron to lead worship at his crusades. Through Marillo, Ron met pastor Dick Bernal, who had recently founded the Jubilee Christian Center, a growing congregation in San Jose, Calif.

Ron joined the church's staff as music minister in 1987, completely content with the place in life to which God had led him and without a thought of ever recording again. But, in 1990, Don Moen, creative director for Integrity Music, heard about Ron's ministry and approached him about the possibility of recording one of his praise services.

The result was a series of albums that became best-sellers in both the church and contemporary Christian markets. Among that series was Jesus Is Alive, the gold-selling Lift Him Up, God Is Able, Sing Out With One Voice, 1997's Dove Award-winning Welcome Home, Majesty, We Offer Praises, and his most current project Dwell in the House.

"I'm still trying to figure out what all of this means," Ron says seriously, but with a chuckle of amazement. "I want to be a good steward of what God has given me, not just in terms of music, but in life experience and valuable lessons I can pass on to other people. He's holding me responsible for the visibility and the influence that He's allowed me to have. And, make no mistake, it has been Him who has allowed it. My main concern is just to always do with it what He wants me to do."
      Ron Kenoly - God is Able Completo


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Boys Choir of Harlem - Glory To God

             Boys Choir of Harlem  -  Glory To God

         Boys Choir of Harlem - We Shall Overcome


        Boys Choir of Harlem - Let There Be Peace on Earth

        Monifah & Harlem Boys Choir - Jesus is Love

David said, "I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed" (Psalm 119:46).

           Boys Choir of Harlem - Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me.... I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now, I see.

        Boys Choir of Harlem -  Precious Lord


      HARLEM BOYS CHOIR - I Can Tell the World

          HARLEM BOYS CHOIR -  Agnus Dei