Saturday, September 25, 2010

Richard Smallwood with Vision

                              Richard Smallwood with Vision
                                             Persuaded  -   Live in D.C.
Few sounds in Gospel are as recognizable as those that come from Richard Smallwood.
Be it his songwriting, those classical piano solos, or that resonant, richly textured thickness that is the hallmark of his vocal ensembles, the ear cannot mistake his genius.

The beauty here is that Persuaded embraces all that is so beloved of previous projects, but also explores beyond, giving even more to appreciate. The D.C.-based maestro demonstrates in front of the packed Jericho City of Praise church, that our God is One who knows no creative bounds.

Smallwood brings back his familiar top-notch collaborators. Steven Ford once again joins him in production and keyboards, Darin Atwater orchestrates, Bryan Pugh, Mark Walker, Jeff Davis and Jonathan Dubose play, and the entire Vision roster sing their hearts out.
The combination eloquently paints in music the meaning of the words that we are all singing along in our heads. Even with chaos and storms going around us, we who rest in Jesus Christ are nevertheless secure —it is well within our souls.

      Richard Smallwood & Vision - Procession of the Levites (Prelude to Anthem of Praise)

          Richard Smallwood & Vision - Anthem of Praise

          Richard Smallwood & Vision - Coronation w/ Overture (Orchestral Prelude)

         Richard Smallwood & Vision - Hold On Don't Let Go

         Richard Smallwood & Vision - Nothing Without Your Love

          Richard Smallwood & Vision - Your Love Divine

          Richard Smallwood & Vision - Oh Lord, We Praise You

                 Richard Smallwood & Vision - Calvary

            Richard Smallwood | HE GOT UP Praise Break

            Richard Smallwood & Vision - Psalms 8

          Richard Smallwood & Vision - My Everything [Praise Waiteth] (Part 1)

          Richard Smallwood & Vision - My Everything [Praise Waiteth] (Part 2)


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