Sunday, October 10, 2010


        Sweetest Name I Know

           Never let me go

Oslo Gospel Choir is a Norwegian gospel choir residing in Oslo, Norway conducted by Tore W. Aas. The choir started up in 1988 and has since then become one of the most successful in Europe with success both in Europe and America. They have released around 20 releases. They are very much influenced by the black American gospel sound and the American Andrae Crouch is a major source of inspiration, with his approach in taking the gospel out of the churches and into other arenas, reaching a larger audience. Andrae Crouch has sung and been involved on several of their albums. Has also sung with Albertina Walker and also Delois Barrett Campbell of the Barrett Sisters. Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has sung solo with them on two Christmas albums.

In March 1989, TV host Dan Brge Aker heard of this new gospel choir rehearsing at a bible school in central parts of Oslo. Up to this point, putting a Christian choir into a Saturday night TV-show was considered bad entertainment. Listening to the choir, Aker was convinced that what he was hearing had to be a success. "For once I was sure that a television appearance would hit home for the around one million Norwegian viewers watching. They were unique. Traditionally, there is one soloist that makes the center point of a choir. Not so this time. The solo singers performed excellent without taking away the impression of the choir as a whole."

He recalls the nearly twenty minutes of prayer time that the Oslo Gospel Choir wouldn't miss before any appearance. "This was a new experience for the television staff, having artists who would turn to God in front of the show, praying that their message would reach the hearts of those watching. At one occasion the choir almost missed the show, as they were too busy worshipping."
       I surrender all

            Draw me close

           Come, now is the time to worship

            I give You my Heart

            Power of your love

            Oslo Gospel Choir - This Is The Lord's Doing  

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