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DEITRICK HADDON REVEALED "I'm sitting here thinking to myself / People all over the world are in need of help / From the shores of India back to the hood / People everywhere are misunderstood / But I believe love is the answer / I believe that we still can come together / Holding on to what I know is true / I’m pouring my heart out to you / You and I are one the same / Red blood flowing through one vein / I hear your crying for a change / I feel your pain…” - from “One Blood”
                  Deitrick Haddon - Well Done

Deitrick Vaughn Haddon (born May 17, 1973) is a Gospel singer, songwriter, producer and pastor. A popular artist known for his contemporary style of music, he is well known for his progressive gospel styles.
Haddon borm in Detroit, Michigan  launched his solo career as a Christian R&B vocalist with the Lost & Found on Tyscot/Verity in 2002. The set peaked at #1 on Billboard's Top Gospel Charts  and received wide critical acclaim and spawned the hit "Sinner's Prayer" which received heavy spins on gospel and mainstream R&B radio stations.

Things can never be too big when it comes to the dreams of contemporary gospel visionary Deitrick Haddon. You can feel it in the epic reach of his dizzyingly diverse and masterful music tracks. You can hear it in the ache and urgency of his amazing lyrics. And you can see it in the photo on his album cover – one man, one microphone addressing one world with the dawn of a new day at his back. On his 10th album, REVEALED, Deitrick Haddon summons the totality of his artistic vision and gifts to take statements of spirituality beyond church walls in hopes of impacting the universe on a major level. The essential message: we are one “I have this vision of everybody with their lighters in their hands singing that chorus,” he says of the powerful album highlight “One Blood” - all races, everybody. I believe that gospel music can be just as big as rock - filling stadiums. But our music has to reach beyond our religious beliefs to connect on a greater level. I wanted to speak to everybody about how we all need each other. We're all one big family. If Adam and Eve are the mother and father of humanity, then we are all family - ‘red blood flowing through one vein.’ It's funny how when tragedy happens, everybody is able to come together. From the rise of a tsunami to the fall of the Twin Towers, everybody prides themselves on helping each other. That influenced my approach to the songs of REVEALED. They are not ‘religious’ songs so much as spiritual songs that can appeal to everybody.”

                  Deitrick Haddon - Mighty God

“I wanted to do away with all the religious terminology - remove all the walls that we have set up as Christians. Often times, we put up a facade that everything is wonderful - everyone else is messed up and we're the ones that have it all together. I wanted to break up all that!” Among the most vulnerable and personal messages on REVEALED is “Ungrateful,”
                  Deitrick Haddon Ungrateful

                   Deitrick Haddon - Power

                  You Are God/ We Cry Holy Deitrick Haddon

                  Deitirck Haddon Take Rest

                  This Happiness, (featuring Damita Haddon) by Deitrick Haddon

On December 1, 2006, Deitrick and Damita Haddon's 85 South Gospel Street Show premiered on The Word Network. The show features notable gospel artists such as Men of Standard, Donnie McClurkin, Kierra Sheard, Natalie Wilson, and many other prominent gospel artists. In essence, Deitrick and Damita Haddon provide novice artists an opportunity to display their talents and gifts. 85 South Gospel Street airs every Friday at 4:30 p.m. on The Word Network.

                  Deitrick Haddon Save Somebody (ft. Damita Haddon)

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