Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mississippi Mass Choir

       Frank Williams, founder of the group, began singing gospel music in churches as a child, spending his evenings immersed in the sounds and ways of the gospel under the guiding hand of his father, Leon. Frank performed with his brothers in an act know as The Williams Brothers, later joining the Jackson Southernaires. After many years of touring as an artist, Frank had a vision that the great and soulful voices of Mississippi needed to be captured in choir. For nine years this idea grew in his mind until he could contain it no longer. He approached his gospel-writing friend, David Curry, with his ambitions and the rest is history! The two sent audition announcements via radio across the state of Mississippi and tapes began pouring in. With great enthusiasm, the people of Mississippi thrust themselves into the mission of this choir, to serve God through song. Redefining the choir experience, each concert is like a rousing church service, with a Reverend at the helm. Skillfully weaving a scriptural message into the soul-stirring, roof-raising gospel sounds of the singers, Reverend Benjamin Cone, the choir's spiritual advisor, delivers with the authority of one who knows God personally. His presence on stage commands attention, his deep articulate voice bears listening. By the end of the concert, there is no one left who has remained in their seat throughout, no voice unsung, no hands left hanging limply at anyone's side, and no one who hasn't felt a mountain move within them by what they have just experienced. The Mississippi Mass Choir moves the masses.
          Serving God Through Song" is the motto and the mission of The Mississippi Mass Choir. Although striving to succeed in the gospel music industry, the choir's purpose is to help establish the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Since its formation in 1988, the choir has won numerous honors and awards for its contributions to gospel music. The group has traveled extensively throughout the United States, toured Japan and appeared in Nassau, the Bahamas. When you consider the level of success enjoyed by this relatively novice group of singers, it becomes evident that serving the Lord pays off.

          Mississippi Mass Choir "Having You There"

          Mississippi Mass Choir "Near The Cross"

           Yes - Mississippi Mass Choir

           I Won't Turn Back - Mississippi Mass Choir

           It's Good To Know Jesus

            Mississippi Mass Choir "I Need Thee"

            Frank Williams & The Mississippi Mass Choir (Thank You For My Mansion)

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