Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For Every Mountain (Kelly Price)

This is one of the most moving songs that anyone could sing or even listen to.  I have sung it in Washington, D.C. and in Durham, North Carolina for over a decade or more and receive the same reaction.  It draws one closer to the Lord Most High.  It recounts the trials and troubles of one's live.  It reminds one of just how one "got over" in the Name for the sake of His Glory.  Praise be the Name of the Lord Most High.  The melody takes you to depths of your soul and brings you back triumphantly on the top of your life, impelling you to move onward in Faith and resiliance.  Praise be to God!  May God bless you as you listen to this.  Search out the full version as this short rendition only gives one a small impact of what is possible.

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